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In the sad news of today, Maury Chaykin has died. I am more a fan of the books rather than the A&E series, but still, I can't of anybody who could have done a better job portraying Nero Wolfe.

(And, in case anyone was wondering, I know I'm late with my Too Many Women book club post. I'm hoping to have it up later this week.)
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The Silent Speaker is next! We start with Archie agreeing with Wolfe, which my notes solemnly inform me does not bode well. Then comes political intrigue, a murder literally on the steps of the Brownstone, and Wolfe missing his orchids for multiple days in a row, by gosh.

The Silent Speaker )

I think this is one a lot to talk about. Anyone? :D
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Gah, sorry about being late with this, you guys.

So, this is the only Wolfe & Archie wartime mystery! Well, not the only Wolfe and Archie wartime mystery, but the only one where they work together, for the military, on a military matter. We get hints in "Not Quite Dead Enough" and in this story that Archie has done some cases for the Army that would be more like what you'd expect in wartime (tracking down missing equipment, something or other involving a "distinguished visitor from Mexico," etc.) but in this one of course it's got to be a murder case.

The only Wolfe & Archie 'at war' wartime mystery!  )
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Here's our first glimpse of Archie and Wolfe in wartime, once the US has gotten into WWII. Archie's in the army, Wolfe has completely flipped out, and Archie's efforts to get Wolfe focused again end up depending on the sudden death of a woman with a secret.

I really like this story (is it considered a book if it's only technically half a book? A novella?)--I think the mystery plot device is simple and neat, and even more, I loooove the emotional/personal content for Wolfe and Archie both. Although I admit, mystery-plot-wise, there is one aspect that really bugs me...

How do you make your mystery mysterious? )
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"Cordially Invited to Meet Death"

My edition:
Stout, Rex. Black Orchids. 12th ed. New York City: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1979. 190. Print.

Read more... )


What's up with Archie's freak out at the end?

Why on earth is Wolfe so surly in this one?
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Black Orchids

My edition: Stout, Rex. Black Orchids. 12th ed. New York City: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1979. 190. Print.

Overview: Archie Goodwin is sent to the flower show (repeatedly) to scope out Lewis Hewitt’s black orchids. On the day that Nero Wolfe decides he can’t subsist on second hand information anymore and accompanies Archie, a man is murdered. Seeing an opportunity to get the black orchids, Wolfe involves himself in the case.

my aplogies in advance for sounding like an English teacher )


To me, this story is where Archie and Wolfe hit their groove and sound like the characters I’ve internalized. I wonder if this is just me, based on my experience of encountering these books as a kid and reading them in the order in which I found them at used book stores. Do you find Archie and Wolfe to be especially themselves in this book, or is there a different point in the canon that marks that moment for you?

Wolfe never hesitates to make remarks about social class – “People who inherit wealth don’t have to bother to see things. But certainly Mr. Goodwin saw it, and so did I ….” {Stout 45} - which I’ve always put down to Stout’s political leftism. When a likable character like Archie makes sexist or racist remarks, it's jarring. Do the sexism and racism take you out of the story? Do you attribute these to the author and the times, or do you think they’re commentary and that we should be judging these characters, even Wolfe and Archie, to some extent?

The Black Orchid Mystery: Do They Really Exist?

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Hey all! :) So we skipped a few weeks there but we're back on track now. If you would like to sign up to lead the discussion for one of the next nine stories please leave a comment and I'll put you on the list!

sign up list behind the cut  ) As usual, you can post any time between the assigned date (which is a Sunday) and the following Saturday.
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Title: A Taste of Nero Wolfe
Vidder: [personal profile] moonprincessnat
Song & Artist: Creole Love Call by Duke Ellington
Fandom: Nero Wolfe
Size: 11.2 M (640x480 1:13 minutes)
Format: mp4

A Taste of Nero Wolfe

This was one of my entries for MediaWest 30.
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This is quintessential, middle-of-the-road Stout, right down to opening the story with Archie doing his best to irritate Wolfe with cutesiness. Wolfe gets approached by the Hawthorne sisters to solve the mystery of their brother's will. Wolfe of course wants to say no, but events, the Brownstone's rapidly decreasing bank balance, and the gods that rule all detective novels mean Wolfe is soon investigating a murder.

Where There's A Will (And Also Some Horticultural Geeking, Not That I Get Overly Happy About That Or Anything) )

Right, I think that's most of my thoughts done. I really enjoyed this. What did everyone else think?
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This book gives us our first dose of Montenegro: hints of Wolfe's background there, as well as the tangled politics of the region and his relationship to them. However, despite the international intrigue of the case, Wolfe most definitely does not budge an inch from the brownstone (and he shudders at the very thought of Archie having to go out at night). Maybe he's still recovering from leaving home for the past three books in a row (!!!).

Teega mee bornie roosa )

So, what are your thoughts on this book? And what becomes of the adopted daughter between now and Black Mountain? (Hmm, perhaps we should save that topic for the Black Mountain discussion? Or at least the Black-Mountain-specific part of it, anyway...)

I have to go out of town on Tuesday, and will be gone for about a week. My internet access will be sporadic at best, so I suspect I'll have to catch up on some of the discussion a bit belatedly. Apologies in advance!
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So here I am, three days late and also, I'm afraid, three dollars short. Some Buried Caesar is widely held to be one of the very best books in the Nero Wolfe canon while I can only scratch at its surface.



Nonetheless, there's a lot to enjoy here... )


I have to stop at some point, though, before the eleventh of May becomes the twelfth in the same way the ninth became the tenth and then the eleventh.  So now I have to throw the question over to all of you.  What did you think of, and possibly love about, Some Buried Caesar?

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Too Many Cooks is one of my favorite Nero Wolfe novels, both for the Archie-and-Wolfe show and for the period-piece details. But where to begin!

Let's address the elephant in the room first. )
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Wolfe and Archie's relationship is still evolving in this book-- Wolfe is compelled to leave the brownstone for what he considers to be a non-compelling reason; I would have said "not life or death" except it literally does concern a person's death. Later, Archie manages to snap Wolfe out of a relapse and get him back on the case, and Wolfe adds a new level or layer to Archie's job, giving him a little more in terms of responsibility. So, let's start out with...

Archie vs the Relapse!  )
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The Rubber Band, I think, is where many of the tropes of the Wolfe corpus start to settle down into their familiar patterns. Plus, it has a few of my fannishly-favorite passages!

The Rubber Band )

How about y'all?

(ETA: I'm having tag trouble...I can't seem to make the tag 'books: the rubber band' stick. Is there a permission I need to be granted, or can a mod do it?)
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Sorry to be sliding this in at the last minute. There was a volcano. It erupted.

The League of Frightened Men )
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Okay, so-- Fer-de-Lance the actual story!

I have paid you a rare compliment; I have assumed that you mean what you say.  )

Also, there are still a few free spots available in the sign-up post. If people who have already signed up for one want to grab another one, feel free. If it ends up that nobody wants to do "The Red Box," I'll do it, *G* and then the next open slots are six weeks from now, so no rush, really.
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Okay, so I started working on my Fer-de-Lance post and, like, fifteen paragraphs later, I realized that it was getting really long and kind of needed to be two posts, one talking about Fer-de-Lance as the "pilot episode" for the whole series and discussing the general set-up & dynamics that are established in this book, and then another one talking about Fer-de-Lance specifically. So, here's the first post, I'm still working on the other one. :)

Fer-de-Lance as Pilot Episode  )
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Hi everybody. :) My name is [personal profile] liviapenn and I'm a new Nero Wolfe fan. (My previous Nero Wolfe squee posts can be found here on my LJ.)

I was so glad to find this comm here on DW. I am dying to discuss the books with other Nero Wolfe fen, so I asked on my LJ whether people would be interested in participating in a book-club type discussion group. People seem to be interested, so, with the permission of [personal profile] jest, I'm putting together a schedule for discussing the books.

Details behind the cut  )

Questions, comments, suggestions?

Thanks again to [personal profile] jest for letting me hold this here!
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I thought to liven things up a little, we could share details about our WIPs in the comments. You don't actually have to have a wip to participate – you are welcome to talk about ideas that would make a great story even if you have no intentions of ever actually writing them.

I'll kick things off...
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I received an email yesterday saying that someone has purchased paid time for this community!

Thank you, Anonymous Benefactor!


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