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The Yuletide story exchange has been very, very good to us here at Milk & Orchids this year!

I was fortunate enough to receive two excellent stories:

Little Town Blues by soupytwist. I am SO glad that she is into Nero Wolfe now and not just because it gives me someone to squeee with. She already has a really wonderful Archie voice and unless I'm very much mistaken, she hasn't even finished with the canon yet.


The Thief of Baghdad by parhelion. If the title doesn't grab you, how about pitch perfect Archie and Wolfe, with a side of Rowcliff? I really don't know why I like seeing Rowcliff turn up in fic, but such is my affliction.

Other Nero Wolfe stories include:

Fragments from a Novel by adina. I haven't read it yet because I assume one needs to have read the Psmith books by P.G. Wodehouse to fully appreciate it; however, it's all the incentive I need to finally put the Psmith books on request at the library. Adina wrote a brilliant Peter Wimsey x Jeeves and Wooster crossover a few years ago and I suspect this story is every bit as terrific.

Dirge by re_white This one appears to be protected/locked to AO3 members - and it is SO worth signing up to be able to read it. It has a fresh take on the peculiarities of the canon that makes it a must-read.

Two Turtledoves by aja. A fun little story written by a new fan.

Dark Horse by hardboiledbaby. Saul POV. A nice gen story (Oh, those poor gen fans, they only got one outta six this year).

Enormous thanks to everybody who participated!


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