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Oct. 22nd, 2017 11:02 pm
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So the other thing I'm doing, I'm not sure I've mentioned, is calligraphy?

This is dangerous because calligraphy is a hobby with consumables (ink, paper, nibs) and with higher-and-higher cost-and-quality accessories (ink, paper, nibs, nib holders).

Some examples, more noodling. )

So, uh, yeah, it's possible I would spend more time writing if I spent less time... hand writing? Not entirely sure how that works.

Ugh, weekends

Oct. 22nd, 2017 10:43 pm
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So I didn't manage to get everything on my list done this weekend, which is a shame. Also a shame: I woke up this morning, decided to nap for a little while longer, and lost most of the day. Operation wrench sleep schedule back on track is not really continuing apace.

On the other hand, at least I'm watching some new things--I went out with housemates to a friend's place and we watched Hocus Pocus--I think I'd seen it before but it was the first time in a very long while. And I am almost caught up on Star Trek: Discovery, which continues to be good and not necessarily what I consider Star-Trek-y.

I mean, it's really hard to feel like writing or creating optimistic universes right now, but I feel like this one is particularly dark, y'know?

I am also not making progress on writing, which is particularly galling.

In good news, I ordered some new bras online which included a strapless bra, and they arrived and all totally fit! The least comfortable one is the most conventional, bizarrely; both the super fancy lingere bra and the convertable strapless fit like a charm.

So tomorrow: attempting to wake up earlier. We'll see how well this plan actually works.

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Oct. 22nd, 2017 03:21 pm
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Netflix movie Telstar: The Joe Meek Story )

Nothing much happened this week because I kept getting up in the morning and going back to bed an hour later to sleep most of the day away. I have no idea why I was so sleepy. I did, however, at one point make the best chicken stock I’ve ever made.

Meme, cause everybody’s doin’ it.

Without looking beneath the cut, pick five fandoms.

The Office (US)
Mad Men
Midsomer Murders

Now, answer the questions…

Read more... )
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If I haven’t shared this before now, my bad -

Here.  Have some whack.
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The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense

I’m here for women with powerful dogs!
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Oct. 22nd, 2017 03:27 pm
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Killing time on a sunday afternoon.

I seem to have an aversion to the south. :-)

Create Your Own Visited States Map

I obviously need to visit more of Canada.

Create Your Own Visited Provinces and Territories Map
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“The story of Cassandra, the woman who told the truth but was not believed, is not nearly as embedded in our culture as that of the Boy Who Cried Wolf—that is, the boy who was believed the first few times he told the same lie. Perhaps it should be.”
- In her cover essay on silencing women in the October 2014 issue of Harper’s, Rebecca Solnit once again proves that she is one of our era’s greatest essayist – further evidence here and here.  (via dostevsky)
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Things I will do today:

Oct. 21st, 2017 01:55 pm
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Well, things I'm planning on doing today, anyway:

- Eat lunch. Self-explanatory.

- (Hand)wash my summerweight wool dresses and put them away. The putting them away part might actually happen tomorrow, since it takes a while to dry them.

- Run a load of laundry that includes my jeans so that I have the option of wearing jeans next week.

- Finish my Yuletide letter squeeing for goodness' sake

- Play a few hours of Stellaris (this isn't really a goal, just an acknowledgment that it's going to happen)

- Pick up some more things around my room

- Go to Home Depot and buy a hangar rack/crates for shoes? Maybe? Install those things? Put up shelves? Now we're getting into blue sky dreaming territory. Ha ha ha. (I have shelving units from Ikea I've been meaning to put on my walls since I moved in. That would be a good project too.)

Let's see how much actually gets done...

gold ghost-type medal

Oct. 21st, 2017 01:44 pm
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I've achieved the gold medal for ghost types! I was really close before the Halloween event started yesterday. Now, of all the type medals, only dragon remains for me. (I'm far away from even silver in dragon types. And I'm okay with that! I like the challenges.)

I've also already wild-caught 4 of the 5 Gen 3 ghost types released for the event. Um. That seems awfully soon! (The Dustskull evolution Dustclops appeared in my living room. Was I to not catch it? Silly!) The event will last 2 weeks.

I suppose that the real quest must be for a shiny Sable Eye, as that's the sole shiny in the event. (So far, I have 3 shinies in the Magikarp family, and no shinies in the Pikachu family. I'm nervous that I'm going to fail to recognize the sunburned-Pikachu-look shiny, should I ever come across it, especially if my phone's night mode tinting is on at the time. I've been advised to watch the ear-tips. Apparently, they're gray on the Pikachu shinies.)

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From the [community profile] harvey_fanaid fundraiser for hurricane relief, I made a donation and [ profile] merfilly kindly wrote a new Battlestar Galactica (1978) story for us all to enjoy:

"Acknowledging the Problem" (~1K words) (gen, G) (Cassiopeia, Starbuck, Apollo, glimpse of Adama)

I supplied a prompt about the redevelopment of civil society. We received a two-layered look at the shape of things: up close, a not-entirely-successful party, and at a distance, a road toward renewed civilization.

Thank you, [ profile] merfilly!

If wishes were fishes...

Oct. 20th, 2017 12:00 am
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I am not a vidder but I love vids, and I often wish I could write the way people vid. A lot of ideas I come up with would work better as audiovisual and not text, I think.

If I were a vidder, I would totally vid snide queer Irish socialist Steve Rogers through the ages to Func Anseo/Uptown Funk in Irish. Just saying. And end it on a leather jacket renegade Nomad note. Belligerent Steve, whether he's tiny or the size of a prize pig, with all this anger and flushed cheeks as the decades roll by.

If I were a vidder, I'd also be keen on a tongue-in-cheek but also seriously sentimental fanvid of Black Widow and Winter Soldier through the ages set to something like Katyusha, because why not and I cannot believe it hasn't been done. "She came out onto the lofty river bank and started to sing about a grey steppe eagle whom she loved and whose letters she treasured", come on. There is so much 20th century trivia to be vidded, assuming Natalya has the widow infinity serum and she and Bucky witnessed all the stuff. (And while we are on the subject of humour and cliches, I cannot believe there is no much ado about punching action vid of Bucky's fight scenes and Winter Soldier quotidien set to Kalinka, either.)

Wednesday Reading Meme

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:10 pm
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Wednesday reads on a Thursday, here we go.

What I've just finished reading

Some of the sententiae of Publilius Syrus, which remind me a bit of Seneca. (Unsurprisingly, since Seneca was a fan of Publilius.) "How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself." "Look to be treated by others as you have treated others."

I love that Publilius was in the Mimes act, so if we try to envision it in a contemporary way, he was essentially a Syrian burlesque artist with freestyle poetry and talk ranging from satire to philosophy on the human condition. He pursued this career because his master was awed by how smart he was, and was like, have a splendid education! have a manumission! you are awesome! So as a freedman, he travelled all over Italy and Caesar eventually thought he was cool, too. Caesar was right; Publilius' surviving works show that he was pretty damn cool. It must have been like a mix of Lady Gaga and Noam Chomsky. "Bitter for a free man is the bondage of debt." *mike drop* *sparkles*

I also read Robert Louis Stevenson's essay On Falling in Love, which is delightful, as Stevenson's essays are. His writing is so smooth! And oh, his adorable ridicule, and wonder at anyone falling in love with a man, ever. The only men worthy of inspiring love, in his opinion, are Leonardo da Vinci and Goethe - but only when the latter was young! (This gave me a craving for a Captain Flint (of Black Sails) story about falling in love in just this style and from this perspective. Any recommendations of good Flint fanfic about mature emotions?)

What I'm reading right now

Still Cinderella in the South by Cripps. I am moving at a pace of roughly one story per week now.

What I plan to read next

Probably some extracts from The Nibelungenlied, to get in the mood for something epic (for writing purposes). Murder! Revenge! There are so many characters and so many murders in this 12th century epic I can hardly remember who is avenging what. No matter; I can just pick whatever passage, then.
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30-Foot Border Wall Prototypes Erected In San Diego Borderlands

Construction crews are erecting eight looming prototypes of President Trump’s border wall in a remote section of the San Diego borderlands. Four are solid concrete; four are made of steel and concrete; one is topped with spikes. They all approach 30 feet in height. The cost is $20 million, which Congress had set aside in its current budget. Crews in yellow hardhats working with cranes and forklifts are expected to complete the models by the end of the month.

On Tuesday, the president tweeted, “BORDER WALL prototypes underway!” above pictures of the sand-colored barriers. Sector Chief Roy Villareal declines to predict the future of the prototypes, or whether they are, in fact, a model for a wall to be ultimately constructed somewhere along the southern frontier.

Continue reading

Photos: Bill Wechter for NPR

Meanwhile, planes just keep flying over them.
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not weird: grown ass adults taking part in fandom culture; roleplaying, drawing fanart, writing fics, sharing theories, shipping, etc

weird: grown ass adults making fandom culture their entire identity and attacking people over shipping wars or conflicting headcanons, generally exhibiting behaviour that is barely acceptable if you’re 15

that’s how grownass adults have acted about sports for decades now. 
that exact thing. 

it’s also behavior people have been calling out as toxic in sports fandom (especially among parents of kids who play sports) since like, the 1970s, so this is more like a wake up call to nerds who somehow think it’s different when they do it than a moment to try to imply that it’s not as much of a problem that it happens in media fandoms because it happens in sports fandom too.

When I was 15, the adults taking part in these activities just plain didn’t put up with this shit - matter of fact, the lack of fucks is what made it so attractive.

Now that I’m their age, the fucks are back ordered, my friends.

No, ‘fandom’ is not your social experience of last resort.  Nobody has to put with middle-aged adolescence, I don’t care where you find it.
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The [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico fundraising auction to help Puerto Rico has begun! It closes on Monday 10/23. They have offers of fanfic, fanart, fancrafts, and even donated professional merchandise!

I'd love to support through this effort, but I haven't yet seen any offer specifically mentioning one of my fandoms. (Some offers do say "anything I've written" or "anything on my profile.") Of course I can support through other avenues! It's just nice to count in as a fan.

No fan-sponsored effort for the California wildfires?


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