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Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for jumping in on the last post!

The next set of books has a couple of my favorites: Over My Dead Body, with the introduction of Carla Lovchen and the Montenegro backstory and the ridiculous Madam Zorka, and The Silent Speaker, with all of its board-room politicking and the amaaaaazing Phoebe Gunther! Also, a bunch of short stories, and more fantastic Archie-and-Nero banter than you can shake a trouser leg at.

Over My Dead Body
Where There's a Will
Black Orchids, "Black Orchids"
Black Orchids, "Cordially Invited to Meet Death"
Not Quite Dead Enough, "Not Quite Dead Enough"
Not Quite Dead Enough, "Booby Trap"
The Silent Speaker
Too Many Women

I've always admired the short story/novella-length stories, since it's so difficult to write a satisfying mystery in that length. And I feel like most of Rex Stout's short mysteries work for me.

What are some of your favorite bits from these books?

Does anyone have a favorite killer/killer reveal scene?

Do you think the whole "Talk the murderer into killing himself" thing is another hangover from other mystery writers? I didn't even remember it was a thing in Nero Wolfe until I reread some of these discussion posts. I know Dorothy Sayers had Peter Wimsey do that quite a bit, though. It seems like the kind of behavior Wolfe grows out of.

And last but not least, a bit of business: Do we want to have another catch-up post for the Zeck books, then finish Trouble in Triplicate, then In the Best Families, or do we want to cover Trouble in Triplicate first and then have a catch-up on Zeck? I am happy either way, but I feel like we should throw open the discussion posts on Trouble in Triplicate to signups again.
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Gah, sorry about being late with this, you guys.

So, this is the only Wolfe & Archie wartime mystery! Well, not the only Wolfe and Archie wartime mystery, but the only one where they work together, for the military, on a military matter. We get hints in "Not Quite Dead Enough" and in this story that Archie has done some cases for the Army that would be more like what you'd expect in wartime (tracking down missing equipment, something or other involving a "distinguished visitor from Mexico," etc.) but in this one of course it's got to be a murder case.

The only Wolfe & Archie 'at war' wartime mystery!  )
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Here's our first glimpse of Archie and Wolfe in wartime, once the US has gotten into WWII. Archie's in the army, Wolfe has completely flipped out, and Archie's efforts to get Wolfe focused again end up depending on the sudden death of a woman with a secret.

I really like this story (is it considered a book if it's only technically half a book? A novella?)--I think the mystery plot device is simple and neat, and even more, I loooove the emotional/personal content for Wolfe and Archie both. Although I admit, mystery-plot-wise, there is one aspect that really bugs me...

How do you make your mystery mysterious? )