May. 21st, 2010

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This book gives us our first dose of Montenegro: hints of Wolfe's background there, as well as the tangled politics of the region and his relationship to them. However, despite the international intrigue of the case, Wolfe most definitely does not budge an inch from the brownstone (and he shudders at the very thought of Archie having to go out at night). Maybe he's still recovering from leaving home for the past three books in a row (!!!).

Teega mee bornie roosa )

So, what are your thoughts on this book? And what becomes of the adopted daughter between now and Black Mountain? (Hmm, perhaps we should save that topic for the Black Mountain discussion? Or at least the Black-Mountain-specific part of it, anyway...)

I have to go out of town on Tuesday, and will be gone for about a week. My internet access will be sporadic at best, so I suspect I'll have to catch up on some of the discussion a bit belatedly. Apologies in advance!


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