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Now that open beta is upon us and everybody who wants a Dreamwidth account presumably has one (if this is not the case, contact me - ha, it's a verb! - and I'll set you up with an invite code), I thought it might be nice to have some introductions. I know approximately half our current members from other spaces and places; it would be awesome to get to know a little about the other half.

I am really curious about what the current fanbase is in this community. I know we have at least one person who is reading the books for the first time! (Lucky woman!) How about the rest of you? It occurred to me the other day that we might have fans who haven't read the books at all, but know the series exclusively from the A&E productions with Timothy Hutton and Maury Chakin.

Anyway, onward to the introductions:

Name: [personal profile] jest, on livejournal it's [ profile] xjestx.

When and how did you first get into Nero Wolfe? I first heard of Nero Wolfe from a friend a few years ago. She tried to interest me in the A&E production which...didn't really work. A few weeks later she tried again with the books (League of Frightened Men) and I was completely hooked. I read the entire series over the course of that summer and have been crazy about it ever since.

Favourite Character? I like Archie and Wolfe best of all, but I am also fond of most of the secondary characters. I currently have a WIP on my hard drive about Dol Bonner and Sally Colt aka Sally Corbett.

Slash, Gen, or Het? I'm consider myself primarily a slash fan, but if it came to a count it would probably come out that I read just as much het and gen. As far as this community is concerned, if you write it, I want to read it.

Last Nero Wolfe thing you read/watched: As a vocabulary building activity I've been reading a German translation of "Champagne for One". It's...very odd.

Do you write/draw/vid? Promote yourself! I write fanfiction, but not well enough to boast about it.


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