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Just a reminder that the discussion post for The Second Confession is still open for the rest of this week!

Coming up next, two anthology books, each including three stories:

02/22/13 - trouble in triplicate - before i die
03/01/13 - trouble in triplicate - help wanted male
03/08/13 - trouble in triplicate - instead of evidence

03/15/13 - three doors to death - man alive
03/22/13 - three doors to death - door to death
03/29/13 - three doors to death - omit flowers

Then, "In the Best Families!" Which is such a momentous book... I think it's worth taking two weeks to discuss it, so:

04/05/13 - in the best families (pt 1)
04/12/13 - in the best families (pt 2)

If anyone wants to volunteer to post the discussion post for any of these dates, please comment and let me know. :)

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Date: 2013-02-20 07:46 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dorinda
Woo hoo!

Even though I'll be traveling during the 2/22 and 3/15 discussions, I'll still do my best to at least chime in (from my phone, so I'd better exercise my typin' thumbs).

It gives me an excellent excuse to take Trouble in Triplicate on the airplane tomorrow--and in skimming the first part, I find myself wondering if I've ever actually read that story! I think I would've remembered Archie cordially inviting Wolfe to eat him. AHEM. :D


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