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Date: 2013-02-04 09:05 am (UTC)
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And I didn't have much trouble keeping the female characters distinct, if only because Deborah Koppel, surprisingly, is 1) fat, and 2) older than Archie's commonly-stated target zone (at least, I assume so, from him noticing the gray in her hair), and yet he doesn't put her down at every turn. Shocking, kind of. *g*

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that! You know, the first time I read through the book, I don't think I even realized that Deborah was fat, because I think Archie only mentions it one time, during his initial once-over. But re-reading it for book club I did notice. But mostly I'm just like "OK, Madeline is the star, and Deborah is the one who dies, and Elinor is... also a character?"

Something weird about my copy--both my copy that's still in storage, and the library copy I re-read for this discussion: the soft drink is called Hi-Spot, not Starlite!

..... Weird! I did not know that. I wonder if they changed it for the UK version because there is a European soft drink with a name similar to Hi-Spot?

I really like how Zeck is introduced. (Question: is this actually his first appearance? I mean, 'onscreen'? We hear that Wolfe has spoken to him before, but that seemed to me like one of those things we see in other books, references to between-book events slipped in so naturally that you can't even tell.)

Oh, yes. I will edit that bit in the review-- it's his first appearance in canon, but not Wolfe's first encounter with him, which is interesting. There is room for fanfic there!

(will comment again later)
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