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So! We've had some time to talk about In the Best Families (And if you've forgotten, go squee here!) and we should regroup and get our collective breath back before tackling the next round of books.

We skipped Three Doors to Death, and after that next is the short story collection Curtains for Three, and then Murder by the Book. We've been treating the short stories individually; do we still want to do this, or do we want one post per collection?

I'm happy to continue posting the discussions, I love this community and I love these books, but I also love reading your guys' recaps and opinions!

Sept 13-19: "Man Alive"
Sept 20-26: "Omit Flowers"
Sept 27-03: "Door to Death"

Oct 04-10: "The Gun With Wings"
Oct 11-17: "Bullet for One"
Oct 18-24: "Disguise for Murder"

Oct 25-31: Murder by the Book

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Date: 2015-09-15 11:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dorinda
I'd be happy to post one or all of the discussion points for Three Doors to Death, if you like--I just re-read it not so long ago. Though I'd still need a few days to refresh my memory and write up some thoughts.

Sadly I think the proposed schedule is a little too tight, especially given the falloff in responses. Although I'm not actually sure if people would like and use significantly more time to reread/skim, or if that would only stretch things out unnecessarily and lose momentum.

What if I were to post something about the first Three Doors to Death story "Man Alive" on Sunday? (Or if you'd rather, feel free! :) I don't mean to usurp. But I figured you might enjoy the break.) And then we can see how it goes, and if anyone has strong opinions about doing the whole collection at once instead.

I enjoy all three of the Three Doors to Death stories, though I am especially looking forward to "Door to Death", with the tramping out in the snow in the forbidding wilds of Westchester to seduce Andy into the harem household. :D

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Date: 2015-09-19 08:16 pm (UTC)
dorinda: Fat Pony appears in a blaze of light! (Fat_Pony)
From: [personal profile] dorinda
Got it done early, so it's posted now!


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