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The best tropes and smashing execution! Marriage, makeouts, amnesia, undercover, pining, fighting, aliens! 10 most excellent tropetastic Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne fics.

Sometimes, Always, Never by Liodain (A naïve Clark Kent becomes acquainted with Bruce Wayne -- and his excellent taste in suits.)
Just a Formality by FabulaRasa (Bruce and Clark get married, for reasons. And then they fall in love.)
Body Double by Mithen (Bruce Wayne doesn't know if he's the playboy billionaire, or the hit man who killed him and assumed his identity. While he is determined to remain in the shadows, it's Clark Kent who forces him back into the light.)
Undercover by Mithen (Clark and Bruce keep running into each other while in various disguises for separate investigations.)
Speaking in Code by Mithen (Clark and Bruce must go undercover at a newlywed resort to try and stop an assassination attempt. Hijinks, UST, and reluctant making out ensue.)
When in Rome by Mithen (Superman and Batman are invited to a grand celebration in honor of negotiating a peace treaty on an alien planet. As it turns out, however, this planet's customs for such celebrations are a little different from Terran ones.)
Only Human by saltedpin (Clark temporarily loses his powers, and he is somehow an even bigger danger magnet than Lois in this state. And Batman comes to his rescue every time.)
Love, Changing Tenses by susiecarter (Bruce doesn't go to the funeral so he can make friends with Mrs Kent, and definitely not so he can posthumously fall for Clark. But it's fine. He can handle it.)
tell all the truth (but tell it slant) by susiecarter (It takes a while for Batman and Superman to work things out, once Clark comes back from the dead. Pretending to date each other in order to explain why Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are in the same place so often doesn't help as much as you might think.)
Whoever Falls First by steals_thyme (Bruce teaches Clark how to fight.)

DC DC vids (misc), DC vids (TV & EU), Wonder Woman (DCEU), Batman (DCEU), Supergirl (TV), Superman & Batman (misc) , Arrow (TV), Justice League & Suicide Squad (DCEU), Justice League (DCEU), White Canary & Black Siren (Arrow), Female Characters (Arrow), Superman & Batman: Secret Identity trope (misc), Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow (DC CW TV), Gotham (TV), Superman & Batman (misc), Superman & Batman: Novelty AUs (misc), DC Superheroes 1966-2016 (TV), DC Animated Series, Grayson/Midnighter, Grayson/Batman, Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor (DCEU), Batman/Green Lantern, Wonder Woman (DCEU)
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Republican senators’ fear is the only thing that will defeat this bill — and their fear is dependent on the volume and intensity of opposition. The whole point of Mitch McConnell’s strategy of writing the bill in secret and then quickly pushing it through is to minimize public attention and opposition. There are senators who right now are what we might consider “worried maybe” votes — they’ll vote yes if the risks don’t seem too great, but they could bail out if they can be made to fear a public backlash. Senators like Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia know that their states will be absolutely brutalized by this bill, but as of yet they haven’t been convinced that their constituents know that.

There are now 10 Republican senators who have either said they oppose the bill “in this form” — which means they could switch to support once some changes are made — or have publicly expressed their doubts about the bill without saying they oppose it. Today, Republicans released a revised bill addressing some of their concerns; it includes a provision locking people out of coverage for six months if they go without insurance temporarily, which is supposed to accomplish the same goal as the individual mandate. But the bill’s essence remains the same. Only if media attention to the bill’s horrors increases, and if the calls pour in to their offices, will they decide that the risks to themselves are too great.


There could be a tipping point at which Republicans start abandoning the bill en masse — but we aren’t nearly there. With a 52-48 majority, McConnell can only lose two votes on this bill, and he has probably already granted one to Heller, giving him permission to vote “no” in order to save his own skin. But if pressure increases and two more senators look like hard “no” votes, then you’ll probably see lots of senators abandon it, not wanting to be associated with something that was not only so substantively awful but also carries the stench of defeat. That will only happen, though, if they’re sure that the bill is headed for defeat. And that in turn depends on activists and constituents raising the stakes high enough to make supporting the bill seem incredibly dangerous.


It’s possible that the release of the CBO score of the bill — which could come as early as this afternoon — will be the event that focuses everyone’s attention on the bill’s consequences and elevates the volume of the debate to the point where senators can’t avoid the consequences of their decision. But that will only happen if those consequences are made undeniably clear to them.

- Will the GOP’s awful health bill pass? Here’s what you need to know.
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Murder on the Poirot Express

Jun. 26th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Oh what the Dickens, just watched the trailer for the new Murder on the Orient Express after reading [personal profile] osprey_archer's post about it.

Now, it goes without saying that David Suchet succeeded in making Hercule Poirot his opus magnum and everything else is a feeble makeshift, but I actually struggle to articulate what rubs me the wrong way here:

Is it Poirot's blondness and the puffy size of his 'fashionable' "I am a slumming member of the Russian royal family" moustache?
Is it the general 'Lord Voldemort's excellent vacation' cartoonish sinister-ness of the atmosphere?
Is it that Johnny Depp really isn't the little black dress of cinema?
Is it the fact that the trailer uses 'Believer' by Imagine Dragons as theme music?
(Seriously. I mean, in that case they could have cast Dolph Lundgren as Poirot. Go all the way.)

Nothing against Sir Kenneth Branagh, but there are plenty of other things he could have done. I keep hoping he's going to make more Shakespeare. Miss Marple would have been bearable, but Poirot? Unnecessary.

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Jun. 26th, 2017 10:22 am
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Netflix movie Doctor Strange )

When I went to the movies there were a couple of trailers that I liked. Something with Charlize Theron that’s very much like a Bond movie, impossible stunts, glamorous settings, explosions (we must have explosions). And a quieter dinner party movie with a good cast written by Mike White. I’m thinking about going to see it at the movies. I like Mike White; he is so weird.
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During the Dionysius dramatist competition, in 431 B.C. (yes, I hasten to update you on such a clearly topical event), Euripides came last.

Seriously. He was the third.

Sophocles came second, and Euphorion came first.

Now, because arithmetic is some shady mojo-jojo and the results of Greek fanfic fest from 2500 years ago weren't the most interesting thing ever to me, I kind of assumed that Euphorion was Euphorion, poet and grammarian. Big mistake, since that poet Euphorion was born around 275 B.C., and although time-travelling just for the sake of leaving long-dead celebrities like Sophocles and Euripides in the dust totally sounds like something a Greek poet would do... I have to admit it is somehow unlikely.

Who ARE you, Εὐφορίων ??? )

In case anyone has heard anything about this Euphorion's works, their possible titles and subjects, or anything about him, please tell me. If you haven't, tell me anyway. ([personal profile] sineala, maybe [personal profile] lysimache knows?)

Things make a post?

Jun. 25th, 2017 09:40 pm
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My housemates are back! All of them! This is good and bad. It was nice having the bathroom all to myself, but it was getting kind of lonely in a house made for four people, only having two.

Critical Role continues to be a delight. I'm watching Episode 52 now. Plot! )

Housemate and I are almost up to The Coming of Shadows in B5. We took a detour to watch some more Season 1, and watched the A Voice in the Wilderness two-parter. You know, every time I watch the show during a Republican administration, Seasons 3 and 4 seem relevant, but right now I feel like the Mars stuff even in Season 1 is super timely. I keep forgetting how much of the Mars plotline is brought up in Season 1, especially in that two-parter.

Signal Boost!

Jun. 25th, 2017 12:27 pm
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Drawesome on DW
[community profile] drawesome: A Drawing Community for Fan-Artists

A week off

Jun. 24th, 2017 07:34 pm
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Well, I was going to take a few days off to relax, and then I tried to get up and do work and my body said NOPE.

But on the other hand, I'm feeling quite well-rested!

Let's see. I've been watching more Critical Role. I'm halfway through! I mean, I've watched over 50 episodes now, only 50 more to go, and they're making more every week! Ah heh. Heh.

The "new" opener they revealed at episode 50 is pretty amazing, I have to admit. Plot things. )

I also just watched another bootleg copy of "Hello, Dolly!"--This one filmed from much closer to the stage, with more audience reactions. And it's a very good production! They went a little low on "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" for their Dolly, which was a shame, but overall it was a terrific cast and really solid performances. The humor really landed this time, which was awesome. I also have a copy of a more recent show with Bette Midler as Dolly (!!) but I haven't seen it yet.

It's a little ironic considering the most recent Captain Awkward letter on terrible matchmaking, but I do love this show. It's ridiculous and its premise is that nobody knows what they actually want except for Dolly Levi, but what the heck. Its songs still make me happy, especially when the cast nails them, which this cast did.

I think I'm going to check out the David Campbell "Company" I got in the same lot of bootlegs. Ahhhh, feels.

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Jun. 24th, 2017 10:39 am
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I have had my main Yahoo account for almost 20 years, I think, and Yahoo is making themselves so irritating that I'm considering dumping it. Switching between multiple accounts has become complicated. They really want me to log in via my phone rather than in a browser (which I tried for two days, and no). I can't log in unless I turn off my ad blocker for that page.

I know it will be a pain to find some variation of "myname" at Gmail, and Google already owns a lot of my life, which I don't love. And oh my god, the maintenance I'd have to do to change everything to a new address. But I use my Yahoo email way too much to curse every time I use it.

Maybe I just need to get rid of my alternate accounts, and then I'd never need to worry about the login page. Hmm.

Anyway, yeah, that's my life. Except I did just get back from Europe (summary: fun time, also exhausting post-back surgery, no more southern Europe in summer). Now I have the mental room to get excited about my next trip to the UK in October! I've never been to Scotland, or to many other places in England except London, so I can't wait. Which means I should buy a plane ticket or something.

I'm about five weeks post-surgery, and everything is mostly fine. The scar tissue is tight and a little tender, which causes vague twinges of pain occasionally. The more irritating thing is the hamstring in my right leg, which has decided to tighten the hell up. I can't stand or walk for long periods, though if I sit down for just a minute or two, it kind of resets and I'm fine until it happens again.

I'm trying to be diligent with exercise, and if it doesn't get better, I see the surgeon again next month, and maybe it will be time for more physical therapy. But the surgery definitely fixed the problem it was meant to fix, and walking for short periods of time is certainly better than not walking at all.
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First sunset in two weeks, and it was a stunner. #mindthegap2017 (at Meadowdale Beach Park)
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Friday post intended for unclutter

Jun. 23rd, 2017 05:24 pm
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This was meant for unclutter but got here instead. I cant figure out how to delete it without a lot of fussing.

did not get much decluttering done this week - too busy with other things to give it a lot of time.
I did take 5 books and about a weeks worth of newspaper to B2P - I use newspaper in packing.
Three different books came back with me in a little case labeled Hogwarts Library. These showed up in the workroom, and I remembered one of the prison libraries asked for them, so they will go in the big plastic box in the garage awaiting the next book pickup.

I did putter around throwing away little sample-size bottles of hand lotion left from travel, that I somehow thought I would squeeze the last drops out of. They had been sitting around for months. I also threw away a lot of little packets of sample skin treatments that came in catalogs I got in the mail. I clearly was not going to try them, so out they went. It's part of that It Might Come In Handy Some Day that causes a lot of saving of objects for no good reason. I need to apply the same clear out process to my makeup drawer, with stuff I bought but never used much. None of this makes a lot of new space, but at least it helps clear surfaces.

VID REC: Logan (Noir)

Jun. 24th, 2017 12:20 am
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"Don't be what they made you."
(All these years of Wolverine. Don't mind me, just crying about X-Men.)
Watch the amazingly moving Logan fanvid:

Logan Noir by The GaroStudios ♥
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Batman/Green Lantern multicanon stories: a Justice League ship with space diplomacy, billionnaire vigilantism, pining, hook-ups, feelings, families and communication.

A Time and a Place by FabulaRasa (Hal and Bruce have a casual NSA thing going on, until the lines start to blur. And families, as Hal observes, are complicated things.)
Not on the Spreadsheet by FabulaRasa (Batman and Green Lantern have an excellent arrangement: sex with no strings, to help them forget the people they really want.)
How Batman Made the Housemaid Cry by Fabula Rasa (Bruce and Alfred have the world's most awkward conversation.)
Cold Comfort by FabulaRasa (Bruce and Hal must share body heat, and SAT stories.)
Beyond by FabulaRasa (Hal finds his courage, and Bruce finds something better.)
Best Sex of His Life by FabulaRasa (It wasn't exactly like it was a date, you know.)
Sex Tape by FabulaRasa (The high-resolution detail on Bruce Wayne's sex tape is really something to see.)
Cockblocked by FabulaRasa (Bruce and Hal are just trying to get it on like any two normal people trying for a casual hook-up. It isn't their fault that life (and Barry, and Dick) keeps getting in the way.)
What Not to Wear to a Wedding at Wayne Manor by FabulaRasa (Dick and Barbara are getting married, and Hal had ONE JOB. Ending up with a date with Batman was definitely not where he would have predicted his evening was going.)
Aliens Made Us Do It by FabulaRasa (Bruce and Hal run into a little bit of cultural difficulty on an off-world mission. This was really, really not supposed to be Bruce Wayne's wedding day.)
Seventeen Minutes by FabulaRasa (Kyle Rayner's enthusiastic lust takes a much more sinister turn.)
How Batman Learned That Family Vacations Are Almost Always Never A Good Idea by FabulaRasa (The farmhouse had seemed like such a good idea when Bruce had bought it. And for the first twenty-four hours, it had been.)
On Fridays We Wear Taupe by FabulaRasa (Hal has suffered a serious injury, but his recovery is not going well, and Bruce has to step in and take over his care. Because where could that go wrong?)
Paying the Price by FabulaRasa (Hal's past comes back to haunt him, and he needs a favor from the last person in the world he wants to ask, with unforeseen consequences.)

More DC superheroes: DC DC vids (misc), DC vids (TV & EU), Wonder Woman (DCEU), Batman (DCEU), Supergirl (TV), Superman & Batman (misc) , Arrow (TV), Justice League & Suicide Squad (DCEU), Justice League (DCEU), White Canary & Black Siren (Arrow), Female Characters (Arrow), Superman & Batman: Secret Identity trope (misc), Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow (DC CW TV), Gotham (TV), Superman & Batman (misc), Superman & Batman: Novelty AUs (misc), DC Superheroes 1966-2016 (TV), DC Animated Series, Grayson/Midnighter, Grayson/Batman, Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor (DCEU)
More MARVEL superheroes: Defenders, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool, Agent Carter, Black Widow & Hawkeye, Captain America & Winter Soldier, Daredevil
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I can’t believe DC hired their own Chris, dressed him up in a period war piece, called him Steve, put him in a plane, and blew him up to inspire a woman with a shield to save the world

I can.
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